Monday, April 25, 2011

Take a deep breath ...

I've decided that In Dreams and I are at a point in our relationship where we need to see other people. Every time I knit on this thing it aggravates me. I don't know if its a little too far beyond my level of expertise or what.

I knit 4 rows yesterday, read the border pattern chart from right to left (right side) and left to right (wrong side) then decided for some unknown reason to read the main pattern chart from right to left for any side ... duh!!! Luckily the wrong side rows are the same whether you read them the correct way or backwards, however, again, I am short a stitch now and don't know why.

Because In Dreams and I are on hiatus, I then decided that I wanted to start another shawl, or better yet a shawlette. I have two in the queue ready to go, but both require size US 6 needles, which are currently on the baby surprise jacket. Oh, this is why monogamy is good.

They are, however, interchangeable, so I could take the tips off and put them back on if I wanted to. Not sure yet what I am going to do. I do also have some Dream in Color Starry that I intended to use for a shawl ... who wants bits of metal on their feet??? So I may look for a pattern so use that for.

We are on day one of our vacation. Our intentions for this vacation were to get some things done around the house that we never get to. Also, to relax and decompress from work.

Today first thing we went down and cleaned up the basement. When we moved in two years ago, we moved some things that we probably should have thrown out. Also, we're really good at chucking things down there and slamming the door ... out of sight, out of mind. That went well ... we stopped conversations and moved on to another area when things started to get to the you do this, or you keep too much crap, etc.

I would still love to have the kind of basement where we can go down to the workshop area and find a tool we need, instead of cursing, and saying, I swear it was over here, and tossing boxes and things out of the way while swearing some more. But that would require that we put things back where they belong when done with them ...

I also cleaned out the junk drawer in the kitchen, now we can actually open it and find a screwdriver or pen if needed.

Then we took a trip to the Walmart Supercenter in the next city over. It was a nice store, I like it much more than our local Walmart. Found some things we were looking for and then some.

While cleaning the basement I found a fishbowl. Since we were tossing things or putting them to use, I figured why not get a fish for my computer/knitting room?? And since these poor guys are kept in tiny cups in the pet store, I figured its no 5-star hotel, but a bowl is better than a cup, no?

Its a bit blurry, but ah hem, fish usually don't keep still for very long. He was the closest thing to purple for my purple room.


Anonymous said...

Pretty little fishie. What's his name?

Minding My Own Stitches said...

The bowl definitely looks more comfortable than the little cup he probably came with! And you're right, it's when he keeps still that you need to worry!