Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Surmount the Stash February

Welcome to Surmount the Stash 2012!

This year I hope to complete all WIPs that I had on the needles at the start of the year. Knit from stash and not accumulate much more and to knit many of those projects that have been in my queue for a long time.

2012 Yarn Acquired to Date: 4
2012 Yarn Used Up to Date: 0 (2 in the queue)

First up to finish: Morderne Baby Blanket.

No finishes yet.

How are you doing?

Monday, January 30, 2012

VideoCast Episode 4

Episode 4
January 29, 2012

Updates & Housekeeping

o New Desktop
o Converting everything to Windows 7 (printer)
o Knitting Budget


•Baby Blanket
•Hitchiker – Madarin Lime

String Theory

•Purple Heart shaft with purple chalcedony
•Nano carbon fiber with green jade
**Stay tuned at the end of the episode for a spinning demo**


Achilles Heal yarn
MA Sheep & Woolcraft Fair May 26 & 27

Delusional Jabber

•Writing Class
•TV – Grimm, Fringe, Lost Girl, Touch and Castle

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

You Pick!

I am undecided on the yarn for Hitchiker. You pick! The top is Mandarin Lime and the bottom is Spring Tulip.

PS ... haven't yet figured out how to use the software for photo editing entirely on this new pc!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Got my new PC!

My new pc was delivered today!!! Unfortunately it came around 3pm. Was hoping to have more time to play. I am glad I took the day off since it required a signature, I didn't know that when I placed the order, but do understand.

Its not even that high tech in terms of technology nowadays. Actually it was released in 2010. But, its so much faster than the old one! I'm so excited!!

Trying to get used to the new keyboard. I actually put my old mouse back on right away because the one that came with it sucked. The mouse I had on my old pc was a logitech upgrade. May be going back to the old keyboard too or investing in a new one, we'll have to see how it goes :o)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

VideoCast Episode 3

Updates & Housekeeping

Computer / Software issues
Jerkface & Little Guy
Podcast Ravelry board
Thanks for sending comments!!!

Revelations (WIPs & FOs)

Baby Blanket
Tiny Baby Bunny by Anna Hrachovec
Hitchiker Yarn Pick
Spinning clip

String Theory

Go Knit Pouch by KnowKnits


Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger


Achilles Heal by Lucia Light

Delusional Jabber

Writing Class
TV - Finder on Fox
Uff Da

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Felines

An oldie, but a goodie ...

One of my favorite photos.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday 1-18-12

Check out other WIP Wednesday Blogs by clicking the link above!

Morderne Baby Blanket

I've been working on this one all week, due date for recipient is mid-Feb!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Update 1-15-12

Whew! This weekend flew by ... and I got next to nothing done. I started pod casting last weekend (video) and its been interesting. My desktop decided today to stop recognizing all external devices, like my camera, so I have no updates to knitting to show here. However, you can see them on the pod cast. This really isn't a ploy to get you to watch :o)

I think its due to the fact that I have refused to upgrade my computer for years and years and its finally caught up with me. Its ancient in terms of technology.

So blogging should be a PITA! I do have a laptop that is Windows 7 ... which I haven't quite accepted yet, but looks like I am going to have to start using more...

VideoCast Episode 2

Housekeeping & Updates
A little tour of what you see behind me
Jerkface and Little Guy will debut in the next episode

Not mentioned in this episode because it was after the fact, my desktop decided to stop recognizing external devices ... like my camera or thumb drives, or SD card or external hard drive. So it took me a few hours to edit this episode, I had to move everything, (software, files, etc.) to my laptop to edit.

Revelations (WIPs and FOs)
Morderne Baby Blanket
Ribband - Adorn Collection
Derek's Scarf (aka the Stupid Scarf)

Surmount the Stash-A-Long
How to join

String Theory (Yarn and/or Fiber Review)
Wandering Cat Yarns
Into the Whirled Club Shipment **IF YOU ARE A MEMBER AND DON'T WANT TO SEE** skip over 17:30 to 19:50

Scrolls (Book Review)
The Knitter's Life List

May 2012 MA Sheep & Woolcraft Fair
Hitchiker - You pick the yarn!!! Please post your vote by 1/20!

Delusional Jabber
Clay Matthews
Writing Class

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

VideoCast Episode 1

Episode 1

1/9/12 ETA: This is an updated version with corrected audio, should be able to be heard fine now. In the process of correcting this on a different software, I managed to cut the top of the frame and the brightness is a bit much at times. I'm working on these technical skills as I go :o)

Bear with me, I just got a camera and decided to try this out. The volume is a little low, I had to turn my speakers all the way up to hear it comfortably, let me know if you had to do the same and I'll try and make adjustments for the next episode. I also don't have a tripod, so I turned the camera sideways (I rotated the video so its upright) and didn't realize that made the field of view much smaller. If this all works out, I'll probably invest in better equipment too.

2012 Knitting Goals

  • Knit 2-in-1 Socks

  • Knit Dragon

  • Spin 5 different types of fibers

  • Navajo Ply

  • Knit 5 from books

  • Knit 5 from queue

  • Beaded Neck Warmer

I don't know why I arbitrarily picked the number 5 for some items, but then I realized that in 2012 if you add up the integers, the result is 5 ... perhaps my brain is smarter than I think!

2012 Socks that Rock Club

Into the Whirled Fiber Club

What's on the Needles
Morderne Baby Blanket in Berroco Comfort

What's on the Spindle
Mini Spindle from 3GWoodWorks

Thanks for watching!

Friday Felines

Why I can never get to bed on time ...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Surmount the Stash January

Welcome to Surmount the Stash 2012!

This will be the first of 12 monthly posts.

This year I hope to complete all WIPs that I had on the needles at the start of the year. Knit from stash and not accumulate much more and to knit many of those projects that have been in my queue for a long time.

2012 Yarn Acquired to Date: 0
2012 Yarn Used Up to Date: 0

First up to finish: Morderne Baby Blanket.

What are your goals?

Please join below: