Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fresh Air

This year is just flying by. We are having unseasonably warm weather here in New England this weekend and its fantastic. We had windows open and its so nice to air out the house from it being closed up all winter ... especially since we weren't the ones who lived here for most of the winter so all those smells and aromas were not familiar to us (and some were downright stinky). We got some nice flowers out in the yard and its wonderful to see all the bright colors. Pansies are my favorite flowers and I got a bunch of those. Some still need to be potted or planted in the yard, not sure where I want to put them, plus we have an ant problem so we need to take care of that before planting lots of flowers or they'll just get killed anyway.

We got a new addition to the family last week.

Riley came to join our household. He was 7 weeks old last week when I got him. He is super cute and Nikoh loves to play with him (Nikoh is about 1 1/2 now).

I am getting many pairs of socks done, but I haven't been knitting much else lately. I wanted to get about 1 pair per month done this year and so far so good. I am working on pair 5 now. The fourth just needs the toe on the second completed and then both need to be kitchener stitched and those will be done.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Revelations of a Delusional Knitter - Episode 1

Download episodes here: Revelations of a Delusional Knitter


What I'm Currently Knitting
- Quidditch Sweater
- Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel
- Notes & Tips on Seaming

- Coriolis Socks
- New Pathways for Sock Knitters by Cat Bordhi

Debbie Bliss Magazine
Knitscene Magazine

Google Reader

Norwegian Purl

Winding a Hank
- Knit Picks Ball Winder

The Unique Sheep Lord of the Rings Sock Club

What I learned in 2008
- Fair Isle
- 2 Socks at the same time
- Continental Knitting
- Seaming & Finishing

Goals for 2009
- Slip Stitch Knitting
- Knitting with Beads
- Lace Shawl

2009 Rockin' Sock Club

The AntiCraft - Bat Shawl

Special thanks to my boyfriend for creating the intro music and editing the podcast!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FO: Hobbiton Socks

This was the first installment for The Lord of the Rings Sock Club from The Unique Sheep and I am so impressed. The yarn is delectable and the pattern interesting and fun to knit.

Knit on US 2 needles using the Magic Loop method. I made the smallest size with 64 stitches.

I couldn't do the cool thing with the toe in the pattern, continuing down to the end of the toes with the purled stitches purled, because I did the smallest size the pattern repeat left 4 purls right in the middle of the foot and I didn't think that would look good down to the toe.

Cast on 2/25/09
Cast Off 4/4/09

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Anticipation - "The condition of looking forward to something, especially with eagerness."

Anticipation is something I relish. I save those good things and let them sit, waiting for the perfect time to excite my senses. One of these things are my sock club deliveries. I don't open them right away. I leave them for a day or two, sitting there beckoning me to glance into the package and see what wondrous goodies await me. My Lord of the Rings sock club package has been sitting here for about 30 hours now. However, my main reason for not opening this package yet was that I had to finish the toe on the second sock from my last shipment. One cannot open the next series without its predecessor being finished yet ... right?!?!

Tomorrow when there is good weather and sunshine I will get photos of my newest completed work.

Also, I wait for that time when I am not rushed and have time to savor the colors and texture of the yarn, and time to read through the pattern, or in the case of the Socks that Rock club, all the wonderful information given about the dye process and pattern and designer.

So the second sock has been completed, and both socks ends have been woven in. So after I post this I will open my newest delivery!