Friday, October 24, 2014

Decisions ... decisions ...

I signed up for the West Knits Mystery KAL 2014.  I didn't do the last two, but I did the first one, which is now Earth & Sky.

For this one, he suggested 3 yarns that are similar in contrast and one main color that was a contrast to the others.  To easily figure it out, you can gray scale a photo and see the contrast.

So the green, orange and blue are staying ... the yellow and purple are the contrast ... can't decide ... any opinions???  BTW the yellow is more of a mustard yellow, similar to the 3 other colors ... its not THAT bright in real life  ...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

FO: ITW Merino - Follow the Butterflies

SPINZILLA!!!  Well, I am happy that I accomplished an entire skein during Spinzilla week.  I did not however accomplish my goal ... BUT spinning up this was WAY MORE than I have ever spun in that time frame, so I am happy.

Fiber: Into the Whirled Combed Merino Top
Colorway: Follow the Butterflies
556 yds of 2-Ply

I spun up 556 yds of 2-ply for Spinzilla that equals: 1 ply 556 yds + 1 ply 556 yds + plied 556 yds = 1668 yds spun!

I started it on 10/6 and finished it on 10/12.

I remembered this time to switch to my sliding hook flyer to ply, that made life so much easier (the bobbin is bigger and can hold all the yarn).

This photo is more representative of the colors (the skein above looks more blue that it is).  

Its super soft and squishy.  I learned that Merino is best spun without pre-drafting.  It drafts fine on its own and pre-drafting just makes the top drift apart in some spots.  It was so nice to spin and I didn't over spin or ply it (I over did everything in the past).

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Astrid Mystery Cowl KAL

The meaning of Astrid is Divine Strength. Astrid is an infinity cowl that combines graceful, delicate lace with bold, strong stitch patterns. 

It works great with variegated yarn and will also work well with tonal or solid. Each stitch pattern is a multiple of 2 stitches; this can easily be modified to make a longer or shorter circumference if desired. The pattern will be released in 4 installments. 

The KAL will run from 10/15 to 11/15 with pattern installments released on 10/15, 10/22, 10/29 and 11/5.The total pattern is 60 rounds; each installment will be 15 rounds.

Coupon Code for KAL participants for 50% off good until 10/22:  AstridKAL

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Impatiently Waiting ...

I am soooo impatiently waiting for Spinzilla to start!  Technically it starts at midnight ... but I don't think I want to stay up all night spinning, so I think I'll go to bed early (for me that's 11:30pm ...) and start in the morning.

My plan is to spin up each of these 4 oz and then ply them together.

And for the Spindlemania Group on Ravelry, they are also having a challenge Oct 6th to Nov 8th ... 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Silver Lining

I got this lovely Russian spindle on Ravelry in a de-stash.  Up til this one I have been pleased with all of these types of transactions.  While nothing is always perfect, people listing items are usually VERY clear if there are any defects.

The metal spinning tip looked completely mangled and there was a divot/chip in the flicking tip.  The photo below is AFTER I fixed it - I really wish I thought to take a before photo.  It had gouges all over it (tool marks) and a very large burr on the tip that caused it to wobble all over and barely spin.  Knowing my husband has some metal files, I put this away for a little while - DON'T file angry (see below). Today was a day off, so I tackled this, and it really only took 5-10 minutes to fix it up.  

It could still use some fine filing to get it ultra smooth, but I've learned when sanding/filing things, its best to do it in small, short sessions ... I did once sand a hand sander right through the wall trying to fix a really bad, old paint and plaster job from the previous owners of our house ... oh and by hand sander I mean a MANUAL hand block sander, you know a flat piece with a handle that you clamp sandpaper onto ... not an electric one.

Now I am confident in tackling some of my other spindles and sanding the flicking tips / making minor adjustments.

I am quite pleased with how this turned out and happy that I didn't waste $40.  It spins incredibly now that it has a smooth surface and I fixed the divot in the flicking tip too. Its a gamble when you purchase things like this from other people, but generally knitters/spinners are good peeps.