Sunday, October 12, 2014

FO: ITW Merino - Follow the Butterflies

SPINZILLA!!!  Well, I am happy that I accomplished an entire skein during Spinzilla week.  I did not however accomplish my goal ... BUT spinning up this was WAY MORE than I have ever spun in that time frame, so I am happy.

Fiber: Into the Whirled Combed Merino Top
Colorway: Follow the Butterflies
556 yds of 2-Ply

I spun up 556 yds of 2-ply for Spinzilla that equals: 1 ply 556 yds + 1 ply 556 yds + plied 556 yds = 1668 yds spun!

I started it on 10/6 and finished it on 10/12.

I remembered this time to switch to my sliding hook flyer to ply, that made life so much easier (the bobbin is bigger and can hold all the yarn).

This photo is more representative of the colors (the skein above looks more blue that it is).  

Its super soft and squishy.  I learned that Merino is best spun without pre-drafting.  It drafts fine on its own and pre-drafting just makes the top drift apart in some spots.  It was so nice to spin and I didn't over spin or ply it (I over did everything in the past).


Alyssa said...

oooh, I love the colors. :)

elns said...

Beautiful. The colors are really lovely.

But I gotta ask, "Follow the butterflies."...

If that doesn't scream Ronald Weasely making fun of Hagrid saying, "Follow the spiders" ...

I must know.