Monday, May 31, 2010

Lessons Learned ...

Saturday I went to a coworkers house to dye yarn with her. The first skein that I had an actual plan for went very well. I have a pansy out front that is very pale yellow with dark purple streaks and dark orange in the very center, that was the inspiration for this color:

The second one, not so good ... in fact I refer to it as the Great Dyeing Debacle of Twenty-Ten. However, I learned that if you hate the dyed yarn that much, pick a primary color and dye it again ... ALL OVER (except for one tiny section in this case) and all your problems will be solved. I really wish I had taken a photo prior to the over dyeing, but I really didn't want any permanent record of the disgusting colorway I had originally come up with ... the image is forever burned into my brain. Originally it was red, green and grey ... what I like to refer to as "Elf Barf" or "Christmas in Hades" or the "Bloody Hummingbird Masacre". I still want to try to make a hummingbird colorway, but not a bloody masacre, LOL!

Recently I took a class on the Baby Surprise Jacket, its done ... a little wrong, but that's OK. Meanwhile I had cast on the February Lady Sweater, which uses the same increases as the BSJ that I had done wrong ... I also ripped out the Feb Lady Sweater and started again doing the increases correctly! Good timing to learn that one.

Just needs seaming up and buttons!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lilac Kool-Aid

I have some acid dyes in my stash, but have not dyed yarn at home (did it once under the supervision of a yarn dyer at the Knitter's Guild meeting last September). My only concern is that the dyes are slightly toxic so I don't want to do it anywhere the cats hang out. Then I thought I'd check out the dyeing with Kool-Aid thing, since that's something you actually eat, you can use your kitchen and regular utencils to dye with.

We had grape and cherry in the house, so I used 2 parts grape to 1 part cherry wanting a fushcia type color. It was a very cool process, the water became clear once the yarn soaked up the dye and I do think the color came out pretty close to what I wanted - I was thinking of the lilac we have out back.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

FO: Leaf Pattern Baby Sweater

Pattern: Leaf Pattern Sweater Set - Designs by Jeannine
Yarn: Dreambaby DK by Plymouth Yarn
Needles: US 4 & 6
Cast On: April 25, 2010
Cast Off: May 1, 2010 (buttons sewed on 5/15)

This is a really cool pattern, the yoke is completed (which goes fast) then one sleeve and then the other sleeve and then the rest of the body. Really quick knit! I love the buttons I found for it, I think they really work well.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Focused Knitting Update

1. Diane's Gloves - need thumb an ends woven in. 1/15/10
2. Derek's scarf - needs to be completed.
3. Leyburn socks - second leg needs finishing. 1/14/10
4. Toe up socks - second heel and leg needs to be completed. 1/25/10
5. Cable bottom up sweater
6. Reversible Cable Scarf
7. Blanket square
8. Lavitan Mittens
9. Bat Shawl
10. Christmas Stocking

I totally forgot about this plan to finish up some WIPs before casting on new projects. I didn't forget about the WIPs - some of them stare me in the face every day when I sit down at the computer, LOL!

I have decided that I don't like knitting blanket squares and I don't want to make a blanket. Its too long of a project and I just don't want to do it. Life it too short spending free "hobby" time on something you don't want to do ... that's what working for a living is for.

I have knit two baby sweaters, one is completed and I posted a picture of it. The other one needs buttons and I am currently knitting a matching hat. I am taking a class on Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket starting tomorrow.

The second baby sweater was the Leaf Sweater Set from Designs by Jeannine.

I hope the hat fits. The first sweater I made came out too big - more like 12-18 months instead of 3 months. This one I think is more like 3 months, but not sure the hat is big enough for a 3 month old. Wouldn't be a big deal, but the kiddo is due in June ... who needs a hat in June besides a sun hat, LOL!

I hadn't touched the Bat Shawl in several months and was pleasantly surprised that I could pick it up and knit after looking at the pattern and chart for only a minute or two. I hadn't touched it in so long figuring I would not be able to find where I was in the pattern. I am using a chart keeper and have the last place marked off, but still its been bounced around for a while, so I figured the magnets had moved and I lost my place. No worries there!