Sunday, April 25, 2010

Turkeys, Pansies and Cricuts ... Oh My!

Work has been interesting to say the least ... I don't even want to talk about it since its Sunday and I am not there so no dwelling.

Thursday morning we had a lone wild turkey in the backyard. I tried to get a picture while she (I am guessing it was a she) was eating from the small tray we leave for the squirells, but by the time I got the camera she was walking back into the woods.

I get pansies every Spring to plant in pots and hanging boxes around the house. The number of colors that voilas and pansies come in is amazing. It is getting harder and harder evey year to leave the nursery without breaking the bank. Sometimes pansies seed themselves and come back the next year. This lone one showed up near where some pots were sitting last year.

For Christmas my mom got me a Cricut die cutting machine. It rocks! I just tried it out yesterday (yeah I know its been sitting in the box for that long) and it really is awesome. I didn't have any particular project in mind so I started by testing out the cutting of a butterfly. Then thought, hey, I can make Mother's Day cards with this and after a few hours had these done:

FO: Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater

Pattern: Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater
Yarn: Red Heart Ltd. Soft Baby Pompadour
Needles: Addi Turbo Size 5 40"
Cast On: 2/28/10
Cast Off: 4/24/10

I started this sweater when I heard from a friend that his wife was due to have a little girl in June. The pattern is very cute, but lacking in the details department. Since there was no gauge listed I just went ahead and started knitting and ended up with something more like an 18 month size rather than 3 months ... oh well. Its still super cute and will last longer anyway. The yarn was really rough to knit with, but once washed and dried softened up a lot.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally Finished

I took this past week off from work with the intent of having some time off to decompress and maybe do some renovations to my bathroom ... never did get to the bathroom. That's not saying I didn't do any renovations. I decided to finish the room I started last year before starting another project. My craft room was pretty much entirely remodeled last year by myself, I tore up the carpet, fixed the wonky walls, painted walls, ceiling and window trim. Ripped out all baseboards and door moldings and replaced. All that was left was to fill in the old attic access that's not needed since there are pull down stairs in the hallway, put up ceiling molding and paint the inside trim of the windows.

This is the old attic access without the trim around it to hold the board in place. I had to fix this first because it inhibited the ceiling molding on this wall. Also pulled off some bad sheetrock tape that was peeling up.

Here's why I didn't use my computer for a week ... it got way messier than this.

And here's the filled in hole and some of the molding! Voila!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunshine and colored eggs

Oh where has the time gone? I can't believe its April already! Though you would think it was July with the 80 degree temperature outside this weekend.

Easter was fun, saw the family and ate some good food. THe kids always make eggs and we get a dozen to take home, which I always look forward to! I recently got a round baking stone from The Pampered Chef and I love it! I made two things on it already. For today I made a creamcheese and apple pastry, kinda like a danish. I want more stone bakeware now!!

The baby sweater now has a sleeve. Once the other one is done then the sweater will be complete, probably this week.

Next week I took off from work for a break and I am thinking of painting and replacing the trim on the bathroom. After I completely remodled my craft room last year I didn't think I would redo another room for a long time, but I am ready now. Plus the bathroom isn't in as bad of shape as this room was, so it will be fairly easy.

I am also working on something a co-worker asked me to make for his kids, something a character in a movie wears. When its done I will post it and the pattern, but no details yet!