Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally Finished

I took this past week off from work with the intent of having some time off to decompress and maybe do some renovations to my bathroom ... never did get to the bathroom. That's not saying I didn't do any renovations. I decided to finish the room I started last year before starting another project. My craft room was pretty much entirely remodeled last year by myself, I tore up the carpet, fixed the wonky walls, painted walls, ceiling and window trim. Ripped out all baseboards and door moldings and replaced. All that was left was to fill in the old attic access that's not needed since there are pull down stairs in the hallway, put up ceiling molding and paint the inside trim of the windows.

This is the old attic access without the trim around it to hold the board in place. I had to fix this first because it inhibited the ceiling molding on this wall. Also pulled off some bad sheetrock tape that was peeling up.

Here's why I didn't use my computer for a week ... it got way messier than this.

And here's the filled in hole and some of the molding! Voila!


fleegle said...

Boy, you are both ambitious and handy! If I pulled down the ceiling sheetboard, nobody would find me for weeks.

Thanks for the hint about the welder's shield. I will pick one up next week :)

Anita said...

You do awesome finish work! :)