Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunshine and colored eggs

Oh where has the time gone? I can't believe its April already! Though you would think it was July with the 80 degree temperature outside this weekend.

Easter was fun, saw the family and ate some good food. THe kids always make eggs and we get a dozen to take home, which I always look forward to! I recently got a round baking stone from The Pampered Chef and I love it! I made two things on it already. For today I made a creamcheese and apple pastry, kinda like a danish. I want more stone bakeware now!!

The baby sweater now has a sleeve. Once the other one is done then the sweater will be complete, probably this week.

Next week I took off from work for a break and I am thinking of painting and replacing the trim on the bathroom. After I completely remodled my craft room last year I didn't think I would redo another room for a long time, but I am ready now. Plus the bathroom isn't in as bad of shape as this room was, so it will be fairly easy.

I am also working on something a co-worker asked me to make for his kids, something a character in a movie wears. When its done I will post it and the pattern, but no details yet!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! 80 in Mass? It was only 83 here!

Glad you had a nice Easter day!