Friday, December 31, 2010

FO: Manly Mitts

Pattern: Manly Mitts
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted
Color: Cafe Au Lait
Needles: US 6 DPNs
Cast On: 12/26/10
Ends Woven in: 12/31/10

This was a nice pattern. The diamond pattern on the hands gives some texture to the mitts and made for more interesting knitting. I love the color of this yarn, the subtle changes are really attractive and the depth of the color is wonderful.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Process vs Product Knitter

I've always thought that I was a process knitter as opposed to a product knitter. I think I now have ample proof that does indeed reflect that I am a process knitter. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, a process knitter knits to knit, they enjoy the act of knitting and the paraphernalia that goes along with knitting. A product knitter knits to get the final product, yes of course they enjoy the act of knitting, but ultimately, they knit so that they can use the item at the end.

I often have several projects on the needles. I often have projects that I never finish. I took a class on mitered mittens ... how many mittens do I have? One. Fortunately for me I have two hands - I think it would be very difficult to knit if I didn't - but unfortunately for my mitered mitten ... I have two hands.

People ask me to knit things for them, usually, if I know them well and like them, I enthusiastically tell them sure, I'd love to, what color? etc. then I run out and get yarn and find a pattern ... I may even start the item right away ... then it takes forever for me to finish - really I have a scarf for someone that's been going for 3 years now, because now I *HAVE* to knit it, its obligatory at this point. I don't want to knit it, not because I don't like this person or don't like the item, but most likely they asked me to knit something they saw me wearing and guess what ... I've already knit one of those. I typically choose to knit something because its new and different and challenging ... hence I am a process knitter.

I'll try anything once, I'll eat anything ... again sometimes only once, I'll install a floor in my house with no previous experience, hey, my philosophy is maybe it'll work out and I don't have to pay a professional and at worst, I tried and do have to call a professional to fix the mess I made - usually it works out though and I've saved thousands of dollars this way. More money for yarn :o) The same thing goes for knitting with me. I'll try anything, get help if needed or take a class if it doesn't work for me on my own.

What kind of a knitter are you?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Looking back on Knitting in 2010

WIP list for 2010

1. Diane's Gloves - need thumb an ends woven in. 1/15/10
2. Derek's scarf - needs to be completed.
3. Leyburn socks - second leg needs finishing. 1/14/10
4. Toe up socks - second heel and leg needs to be completed. 1/25/10
5. Cable bottom up sweater - 10/10/10
6. Reversible Cable Scarf
7. Bat Shawl - Body done, needs edging
8. Christmas Stocking
9. Baby Blanket
10. Drawstring Bag - Just needs drawstring

And the Christmas list:

1. Joe gloves
2. Diane's stocking - Done 12/26/10
3. Mom headband - found a great pattern, forget where!
4. Knitter's Guild Project - Done 12/5/10

Well its not so bad, yeah so Diane's stocking was finished the day after Christmas and still needs to get from New England to Old England ... maybe she leaves her decorations up until February and can still use it ...

Joe's birthday is 12/31 ... maybe I can get his gloves done by then.

Mom can still use a headband in March right?!?!

Goodbye 2010 ... Hello 2011!

2010 was not a terrible year for me, but it was getting to be such towards the end ... though I've heard that from a lot of people lately. Nobody that I know is having and exceptionally good time right now, whether they be out of work, losing loved ones or just plain not having a good time in life, it seems to be a trend across the board.

Christmas was good this year. We set a budget, like most people have to this year, and I think got some really nice things. The cats particularly enjoyed this present:

I'm not making any promises, but I sure hope that I am more organized in 2011. We've only lived here for 2 years, so our house is definitely not full of clutter - plus with remodeling some rooms, every thing came out ... not everything went back in, so some culling was done at some points throughout the year. But we NEVER put anything back where it it supposed to go. We lost a tape measure ... really can't find it anywhere. We never put tools back, are constantly looking for the kitchen scissors - and typically find them wherever they were last used. So any time we want to do construction in the house ... or something simple like open a package ... it takes an extra 15-30 minutes to find the tool to do the job. Enough said ...

Here's to a much more productive and relaxed 2011!

FO: Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking
Pattern: Loosley Based on Miss Eiderdown's Stocking from Knit Picks
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Evergreen and Hollyberry with Cloud for snowflake.
Needles: Size US 9 DPNs

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Perspective ... its a funny thing

I got up really early for work yesterday. We had an applicant coming in and I am supervisor of the department. My boss is pretty laid back and I usually start at 11AM. He said to the two of us (the supervisor in the other facility since we're splitting this person who fills this position betwen the two) that the appointment couldn't be moved, this person has a job now and is coming before work, but if you can't make it, don't sweat it, I'll see him.

The other supervisor who I'm friends with called me and said, "Are you going? I'm going to try and make it" - he comes in late too. So now I think to myself, great, if he shows up and I don't, then I look like a lazy, don't care, can't even come in early one day supervisor. So I get up at 5:30AM ... I usually get up at 7 or 8. Its dark out ... that's not right. People shouldn't get up before the sun.

I start my truck ahead of time so its warm. While I am driving to work I notice the thermometer - my truck has one of those nice thermometer / compass doohickeys - says 5 ... FIVE ... its 5 degrees outside and the sun is barely up!

All day employees are saying, "Man its cold outside" and my reply is "Do you know what it was when I left my house?!?! 5 it was 5 I tell you!!" I guess 5 is better than a negative number, but we've been lucky and its been a mild winter thusfar.

Today it was 40. I went to work without a jacket and thought it was warm ... perspective is a funny thing!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Making Knitting Fun Again

My knitting has not been fun lately ... if there's any knittng done at all. The last few things I've knit I just wanted to get done. I wanted them "off my list of things to do" ... That's when I even have been knitting. A lot of other things kept getting in the way. I was trying to get the dining room painted before it got too cold to paint. I got one wall, window trim, new molding up and the door painted, but that's it before it got too cold. I'm fine with that though ... good excuse not to have to do it. None of the walls here are ready to paint, most have to be sanded and patched before any painting can be done ... so I'm good until Spring :o)

Work has been horrible. I used to like my job. I met some parents of a friend over Thanksgiving and when they asked what I did for a living, I said I'd rather not talk about it ... its that bad. I'm not going to talk about it here either, it just gets me all frustrated and disgusted.

I think I've been bogged down by all the to do things and when they creep into my "fun" stuff like knitting then it really wears on me. I'm sure it didn't help that my craft room ... or what I refer to as my sanctuary was a disaster. Its a really small room and I have a lot of craft stuff. I cleaned it up today and organized some stuff. That helped clear up my foggy mind.

I am hoping, in the winter months to get a lot more knitting, spinning and crafting done since there's not much to do outside and its too cold for construction and remodeling on the house.

I still have some things to get done before the holidays, but here's to a fun, creative and spiritual 2011! I'll have a new attitude and mindset for the new year :o)

FO: Pimpelliese

This scarf was for an exchange for the Knitters' Guild. I had since September to complete it ... when do you think most of the knitting was done ... if you guessed the week before it was due, then you're right!

Pattern: Pimpelliese
Yarn: Noro Sock
Needles: Size US 4 16" circlular

It was a very cool pattern. I would do it again. I don't know what I did back in September when I cast on though. I had to rip it back twice to get the decreases to match up with the increases from the beginning. The scarf it worked starting from one corner, increasing to get the width in the middle, the edging done throughout and then decreased to the other corner and cast off.