Monday, May 31, 2010

Lessons Learned ...

Saturday I went to a coworkers house to dye yarn with her. The first skein that I had an actual plan for went very well. I have a pansy out front that is very pale yellow with dark purple streaks and dark orange in the very center, that was the inspiration for this color:

The second one, not so good ... in fact I refer to it as the Great Dyeing Debacle of Twenty-Ten. However, I learned that if you hate the dyed yarn that much, pick a primary color and dye it again ... ALL OVER (except for one tiny section in this case) and all your problems will be solved. I really wish I had taken a photo prior to the over dyeing, but I really didn't want any permanent record of the disgusting colorway I had originally come up with ... the image is forever burned into my brain. Originally it was red, green and grey ... what I like to refer to as "Elf Barf" or "Christmas in Hades" or the "Bloody Hummingbird Masacre". I still want to try to make a hummingbird colorway, but not a bloody masacre, LOL!

Recently I took a class on the Baby Surprise Jacket, its done ... a little wrong, but that's OK. Meanwhile I had cast on the February Lady Sweater, which uses the same increases as the BSJ that I had done wrong ... I also ripped out the Feb Lady Sweater and started again doing the increases correctly! Good timing to learn that one.

Just needs seaming up and buttons!

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