Saturday, April 4, 2009


Anticipation - "The condition of looking forward to something, especially with eagerness."

Anticipation is something I relish. I save those good things and let them sit, waiting for the perfect time to excite my senses. One of these things are my sock club deliveries. I don't open them right away. I leave them for a day or two, sitting there beckoning me to glance into the package and see what wondrous goodies await me. My Lord of the Rings sock club package has been sitting here for about 30 hours now. However, my main reason for not opening this package yet was that I had to finish the toe on the second sock from my last shipment. One cannot open the next series without its predecessor being finished yet ... right?!?!

Tomorrow when there is good weather and sunshine I will get photos of my newest completed work.

Also, I wait for that time when I am not rushed and have time to savor the colors and texture of the yarn, and time to read through the pattern, or in the case of the Socks that Rock club, all the wonderful information given about the dye process and pattern and designer.

So the second sock has been completed, and both socks ends have been woven in. So after I post this I will open my newest delivery!

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