Sunday, January 15, 2012

VideoCast Episode 2

Housekeeping & Updates
A little tour of what you see behind me
Jerkface and Little Guy will debut in the next episode

Not mentioned in this episode because it was after the fact, my desktop decided to stop recognizing external devices ... like my camera or thumb drives, or SD card or external hard drive. So it took me a few hours to edit this episode, I had to move everything, (software, files, etc.) to my laptop to edit.

Revelations (WIPs and FOs)
Morderne Baby Blanket
Ribband - Adorn Collection
Derek's Scarf (aka the Stupid Scarf)

Surmount the Stash-A-Long
How to join

String Theory (Yarn and/or Fiber Review)
Wandering Cat Yarns
Into the Whirled Club Shipment **IF YOU ARE A MEMBER AND DON'T WANT TO SEE** skip over 17:30 to 19:50

Scrolls (Book Review)
The Knitter's Life List

May 2012 MA Sheep & Woolcraft Fair
Hitchiker - You pick the yarn!!! Please post your vote by 1/20!

Delusional Jabber
Clay Matthews
Writing Class

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