Friday, January 6, 2012

VideoCast Episode 1

Episode 1

1/9/12 ETA: This is an updated version with corrected audio, should be able to be heard fine now. In the process of correcting this on a different software, I managed to cut the top of the frame and the brightness is a bit much at times. I'm working on these technical skills as I go :o)

Bear with me, I just got a camera and decided to try this out. The volume is a little low, I had to turn my speakers all the way up to hear it comfortably, let me know if you had to do the same and I'll try and make adjustments for the next episode. I also don't have a tripod, so I turned the camera sideways (I rotated the video so its upright) and didn't realize that made the field of view much smaller. If this all works out, I'll probably invest in better equipment too.

2012 Knitting Goals

  • Knit 2-in-1 Socks

  • Knit Dragon

  • Spin 5 different types of fibers

  • Navajo Ply

  • Knit 5 from books

  • Knit 5 from queue

  • Beaded Neck Warmer

I don't know why I arbitrarily picked the number 5 for some items, but then I realized that in 2012 if you add up the integers, the result is 5 ... perhaps my brain is smarter than I think!

2012 Socks that Rock Club

Into the Whirled Fiber Club

What's on the Needles
Morderne Baby Blanket in Berroco Comfort

What's on the Spindle
Mini Spindle from 3GWoodWorks

Thanks for watching!


Sabra said...

I'm sure it's a lovely vidcast but I can't hear it even with the volume turned all the way up.

Delusional Knitter said...

Thanks! I pulled the audio and boosted it up, it should be fine now.