Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spinning out of control

So, I am determined to get spinning. I have my little basket with my *practice* (this will make sense in a minute) roving and spindle next to my desk so whenever I have a few free minutes I can practice. Also, if I have to practially trip over it to get in or out of the chair, well then I can't forget!

I spun quite a bit over the weekend. I finally had an ah ha moment today. I've been spinning a bit for pratice, being unhappy with the slubby, icky yarn produced. I wouldn't call myself a perfectionist, but in some cases I am. If I make something, it'll be the best it can be ... or I'll start over. If I am installing a floor in my house and see something doesn't quite match up or looks weird ... I'll rip it up and start again (yeah don't ask how I know this). That splotchy weird section of paint on the door that didn't look quite right, tried to paint over it, it looked worse ... I repainted the entire door. This must be why knitting and I get along so well. Its so easy to drop a stitch to correct one several rows back, or heck, rip back several rows and redo things.

This isn't so easy with spinning. Sure, you can unwind a section and re-spin it, but its already got some twist in it and it isn't so easy to work with then. I finally figured out, hey stupid, this is PRACTICE ... keep practicing and then you'll get good at it. So, I -think- I can deal with this. If something is really horrible, like a huge, loose, slubby section or a section that's so thin its going to break, then yeah I can unwind and redo, but if its just inconsistent, well MOVE ON! I'm never going to get good at it if I don't just keep moving on and practicing!

And its really not so bad. Now I have an idea of how much fiber makes a certain yarn thickness. I'm getting better at drafting. It just takes practice. After all, practice makes ..... perfect, right?


Typstatting said...

My thoughts exactly I have to practice my spinning and I aslo have lumps and bumps but then it soon comes together when I dont know! There is hope yet, love the colour of your yarn.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Yes, you just have to keep going. Eventually your fingers will KNOW how much fiber to draft, and then it'll all be perfect.

My instructor said we should treasure the slubby thick/thin yarn from our early attempts - she insists that we won't be able to reproduce it later after a lot more practice.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Practice, then perfect. Not the other way around.

I've found plying takes a lot of the unevenness out too. Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be fine :D