Sunday, April 10, 2011

2AKACBW - Day 3 - Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches

I would say my yarn is fairly organized. I guess its more of necessity than anything. I have a craft room in my house that is the smallest room in the house, so anything I have to fit in here, needs to be organized or I wouldn't be able to move about the room. I have two bookcases that showcase my most beloved yarns. They serve as eye candy and inspiration to my craft.

On the bottom right of this bookcase in the plastic zip lock bags are yarns matching with patterns and ready to be knit.

New acquisitions usually sit in a bag for a little while until I figure out where I am going to fit them.

There is a drawer in my purple desk that is 22"Wx8.5"Dx2"H ... what else is better for storing circular and DPNs? Really what else could you fit in this drawer besides pens and pencils?

There are typically two places my WIPs reside, one is in a ottoman that doubles as storage space (its a cube and the top comes off) but things get forgotten when they are hidden in there. The other is my fuzzy, purple chair ... where things can also get fogotten when they get buried like this.

It might only look like I have two tote bags and a grocery bag on there ... but there's actually the Icarus Shawl, my nugatory socks and my hummingbird cross stitch buried under there. The blue tote is empty. My Knitters' Guild tote is storing Saroyan. There's also the yarn for the baby surprise jacket I'm working on (practically falling off the chair) and the yarn for the baby blanket I am working on in that pile.

I also have yarn stored in the closet in my craft room ... pretty much anything that doesn't fit in the bookcase or isn't exactly "pretty" for showcasing (like kits or random skeins or sweater quantities). Don't ask about the red crayon on the wall ... it was here when I moved in. Also not sure why this closet is covered in linoleum.

The other place that I store yarn is a room in the basement ... actually its right below my craft room. I store yarn in plastic totes down here, every few months I check and make sure nothing is getting damaged from moisture or bugs. Typically all of this yarn is less expensive and some is even acrylic ... mostly baby stuff. There is some sock yarn in here, but most of it resides upstairs in the bookcases. If I use some up from a bookcase, I usually go "shopping" down here to replenish the space left on the shelf.

The large shopping bag and the box of yarn were things people gave me because they or someone they knew didn't use it anymore ... its all acrylic. I should really donate it or get rid of it. I don't think I am ever going to use it and its just sitting down here taking up space.

And that's really the only places that I store yarn ... sometimes there's a random skein in the coffee table drawer, but that's it ... because of the nasty little yarn stealing monster that lives here, all yarn must be under lock and key ... or at least in a drawer or behind a door ... she hasn't figured out how to open the door yet and hopefully her older brother doesn't teach her ...

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