Monday, April 4, 2011

2AKACBW - Day 6

Something to Aspire to

A technique that I've wanted to try for the last few years is knitting with beads. I am currently knitting the In Dreams Mystery Shawl, but the bead count of 5,000 made my stomach turn. I decided to postpone trying this technique for another project(like a much smaller one) and I'm knitting the shawl with the no beads option.

Speaking of shawls. The designer of In Dreams designed the Evenstar Shawl. I am awed by the beautiful design of this shawl. But entirely intimidated by the massive stitch count.

I really don't have a use for shawls, my jeans and t-shirt wardrobe don't lend well to shawls as an accessory. I do wear my Ishbel shawl with a nice top and jeans and sneakers and I think it looks quite nice and not too out of place.

So, while I don't think I'll ever have a use for Evenstar ... can't even display it in my house (see previous post), I would like to make it someday.

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autumngeisha said...

I agree. Beautiful lace shawls like Evenstar are "dream knits" for me, too. Then the practical side of me wonders when they will ever be worn. I am currently drawn to simple shawls just because they will be worn more. But it's nice to dream once in awhile!