Friday, April 29, 2011

My Week Off in a Nutshell

Oh our week off is over :o( This post shows most of my week off. The weather was pretty good. It rained two of the days, but the temperatures were good. When it wasn't raining it was really nice!

I did get some things done around the house ... those never get to things, like organizing drawers, cleaning the basement, etc. So nice to open a drawer and 1) be able to actually get it open, 2) find what you were looking for, 3) be able to close it as well. Gave the dog a much needed bath when it was 80 degrees out the other day ... always feel bad giving her a bath with such cold water outside, but it was so hot she was fine ... well she didn't think so at the time.

Maybe next time I trim the rosebush (which isn't very big and isn't even full yet) I'll wear gloves. The funny thing is once I washed my hands, I couldn't even find this cut, but I found many others from doing stuff around the house that looked much worse than this, but didn't bleed.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the primroses came back out front. There are 5 of different colors, but they are all full of flowers like this one.

I am pleased to announce that my orchid is doing very well. I pinched off some discolored buds from a really cold night where the temperature changed dramatically. Then when it was time to water it, I gave it some ferterlizer and a few more of the large buds opened up. It seems to be very happy by this window with the sheer curtains as was recommended.

We got some flowers to plant this week, and also this fuscia! I am hoping it attracts the hummers. We already had a male visit the feeder while we were sitting on the deck! So exciting. In the last two years we've only seen females.

I finished the Baby Surprise Jacket that someone at worked asked me to make for him for a gift for someone that was expecting. It just needs to be sewn up and buttons sewn on - I think I have to buy buttons, I don't have any colors that will go with this on hand. I'll have to look through my stash and see if I do or not.

Its always a little frightening when you have a gaping hole in your house :o) We wanted to replace this back door while we were home this week ... in case anything went wrong we'd have ample time to do it right ... and have a hole in the house. It went pretty well. Only a few hours from start to finish. The old door was wood, and wasn't painted properly or set properly so it was weather damaged and the top was too snug - like we had to SLAM it to shut it ... and the bottom was the equivalent of having a window cracked open all winter. Literally paper would move in the breeze.

Here's the new door. Also nice to have some extra light. In this photo we're waiting for the expanding foam to cure and then I can put the molding back on. I tacked up the molding for the winter when I painted the dining room last fall, now I have to chisel the construction glue off the back of the pieces so that I can mount it again, LOL! One thing that sucked though ... the hole for the locking mechanism on the jamb doesn't line up with the hole on the door ... so we have to pull the door up to get the lock to set in place ... this probably explains why our kitchen door deadbolt (that was here when we moved in) doesn't work ... it looks like the same manufacturer.

The frog pond already has 6 frogs!!! This is my gargoyle. This year I planted some impatients by him. I am hoping they fill out over the summer. I only had one of each color left after I planted the window boxes for the front of the house.

There's a frog here ... can you find him???

I spent some time spinning yesterday. Carin from Round the Twist mentioned that the Respect the Spindle digital download was available for 10 cents ... yeah 10 cents. So I checked out the link thinking I'd missed it and it was still available. While watching this, she mentioned a good point, you need to use fiber to learn, you wouldn't think it a waste if you had a pen that was out of ink if you'd been practicing handwriting. You'd think of it as a tool you needed to use. So I broke out the fiber that I was "saving" until I was good at spinning and my new spindle and I did pretty good!!

Respect the Spindle digital video download is still $0.10!!!

And my favorite part of Spring!! I have oh so many more, but I picked some of the most interesting colors to show here.


Anonymous said...

I have that same gargoyle, only mine is a little one. (Dedo, I think his name is --- there's a whole story behind him.)

I've had boo boos like that when we trim the robellini palms. Hurt like the dickens when you do it, but then heal up pretty quick.


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Wow, regularly 15 bucks, now ten cents! I've ordered it; thanks for the tip! I could use some help especially as I seem to be dreading the plying step :)

Sue said...

Looks like a very productive week. I love your gargoyle. I am rather partial to the little buggas. Your new door is going to be awesome. It looks fabulous already. Your pansies are beautiful. They are my favourite flower. We put them in during autumn here in Oz and I'm waiting (impatienly lol) for the weather to make its mind up when it is going to STAY cool enough to plant some!

Jane said...

Thanks for the link. Your drop spindle looks great and the Baby Surprise Jacket is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your gargoyle is kind of sweet, in the way that I want to sit beside him and pat him on the head.

I'm going to help my mother deal with her rosebushes today :S Wish me luck.