Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekend Update 12-31-11

Biggest mistake? What are you happy to be finished with?

I ordered a mini spindle. For some inane reason, even though I knew what I ordered and the dimensions were explicitly divulged, I still was surprised at how small it was. Nothing is wrong here, it is beautiful and what it was supposed to be. I was just so surprised at how small it was!

Here is the box it came in with my phone for reference.

It is a beautiful spindle.

I finished spinning the roving I was spinning on my wheel. I started plying it. Its going quite well. I am pretty sure I am over-plying, but I like the look and think after winding the hank and washing it will come out OK. We will see. This is the first complete roving I have spun on a wheel, so if its not balanced, I would not be surprised and lessons will be learned.

Why I never get to bed on time ...

yeah that's my side of the bed at 11pm.

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