Friday, January 21, 2011

The dog ate your gloves??

I got a message from my friend in England this morning that her dog chewed one of the gloves I made her and she desperately needs another pair. I hated knitting these gloves!

The pattern was a 1940s vintage pattern, which needed a little translation (by the way, she picked the pattern). What I hated about it, was that they were in fingering weight yarn at 9 stitches per inch, and there was a pattern stitch all over the hand of the mitten. A pattern stitch that needed to be adjusted for the thumb gussets so that it would look uniform and continue to work - and that's pretty much all the pattern had to say about it. I decided I was better off doing the thumbs in stockinette.

These gloves took me FOREVER to knit because I really wasn't enjoying knitting them. There's no way I am making another pair of these!

I'd like to do something in worsted weight so that they go quickly, but these look like a good alternative. These are pretty much the same thing, but in worsted weight.


Chrissy said...

I hate it when people ask you to knit stuff you don't like. I've decided that I'm not doing that again. If they ask for something we have to find a pattern we both agree on, or I'm not doing it. Life is too short for hated patterns.

geeky Heather said...

I'm sure she'll be happy with your alternatives. Also, thank you for linking to the Urban Necessity Gloves!!! Those are AWESOME; I need to make a pair for myself. I ride mass transit everyday (well, most days) and the combination of warm plus ability to fish a small rail pass card out of my purse is priceless!!

Allison said...

Knit what you would like to knit. A knitted gift should be full of positive stitches! Your friend won't mind. Your alternative is pretty and practical!