Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday and Muppets!

What the heck is that? Might be what you are thinking. Well, I've noticed one thing I really enjoy about visiting other blogs, is photos. And I don't have anything in particular to show today, so I found something in my craft room to picture. And I must say, I think I am getting the hang of the focus on my camera!

This is one part of a decorative thingamagig that I found at JoAnn's and just had to take home with me ... I think I like it a lot because it reminds me of a Muppet (oh and its purple too). Though I was sad that when I looked up that link, I didn't see Farscape as one of the shows listed ... unless I missed it. But Farscape definitely had muppets in employ on set. If you know what a Muppet is and you've seen Farscape ... well hey, then you're a nerd like me too!

I'm going to go knit on the Baby Surprise Jacket now, I feel startitis kicking in and I so want to start some new projects, but I'm being good and finishing up some first ... plus, I think I need some of the needles that are currently on projects in order to start the other ones.


Anonymous said...

The picture reminds me of those fancy doo-dads on hats "back in the day" or in England these days.

Sue said...

lol That makes me a nerd, too.