Monday, June 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I'm home. It was a great trip, too short though!

You know you're in Florida when there is aligator artwork outside the hotel.

Friday evening we went out to dinner with the entire family. Then first thing Saturday morning I went looking for this:

Thanks Dee - it was a great store!

I came home with this:

I'm happy to be home though and see all my loves. I was pleasantly surprised to see the flowers I put by the gargoyle doing so well. I wasn't sure about them, they weren't blooming for a while (and it was in the 50s and rained the entire time I was gone).

While I was away my beads arrived. I ordered from Earth Faire. I was thinking I'd have to go out and get a beading needle, I was sure I had one, but who knows where it is. Nope ... they sent a dental floss threader with the order ... so I'm all set! I received a nice package when I got home, I'm impressed with their stuff. I would definitely order from there again.

I'm off to wind yarn and string beads!

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kathy b said...

Welcome home fun. Your gargoyle is great!!!!