Thursday, June 9, 2011

Going on a Jet Plane

and they better let me take my knitting with me!

Friday to Sunday I am going to Florida to visit with family. I've been more concerned with what projects I am taking with me than ... clothes, beauty products (from someone who puts make up on to go to Wal-Mart), shoes, camera, etc.

I've decided I am going to bring my Coriolis socks and my Summer Mystery Shawlette.

I wanted to make a working copy of the Coriolis pattern at work today but the damn copier was out of order again. So, tomorrow I will be jotting down notes on how to make the second sock.

Other than what projects I'm going to bring, next on my list is researching what yarn shops are local to where I will be and if I have time to visit them ...

I've got yarn soaking so that I can dye tomorrow while I have the day off ... because that's what I should be doing with my time rather than paying bills, packing or cleaning the house ... right??

To do list for tomorrow, which is now today:

1) Go to bank
2) Mail bills
3) Do laundry and pack
4) Make sure all knitting supplies are packed (excluding items restricted on plane), because that's way more important than underwear or a toothbrush
5) Update MP3 player with podcasts
6) Dye yarn
7) Give kitties lots of love because I'll miss them dearly
8) Knit

Don't forget to check out the Summer Bead-A-Long, click the image above for more info!


Chrissy said...

Can't wait to see what the dyed yarn looks like. I got my dye kit out to have a go this week, but wasn't feeling well enough to tackle it. It is, however still out so maybe by the time you get back from Florida I'll have something to share, even if it looks like sludge.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Enjoy your trip! And fingers crossed that there's no drama about bringing your needles through security.

Alyssa said...

Good luck! Most major airlines have a knitting needle policy in their website. If you follow it and print it out when you go through security, you shouldn't have a problem!

I'm excited for the bead- along, but still trying to find a good pattern! I found an awesome pair of mitts, but I looked at the pattern and the beads were added after!! I didnt think that counted :P. I'm thinking of designing something (Maybe a purse?) with larger beads, it should be a good beginning project. That's my fall back, at least.

Anonymous said...

Me too .... sorry I'm going to miss you. :-(

Typstatting said...

Enjoy your trip and cant wait to see the dyed yarn!