Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When life gets in the way

I listen to podcasts often in the car or at work when I have a job that requires sitting for long hours waiting for something to get down to 35K ... Kelvin that is, which translates to -391 degrees Fahrenheit. Often I catch something of interest that I mean to later check out online ... more often then not by the time I get home those things are totally forgotten. Today I actually remembered some of the things I wanted to check out and looked them up when I got home. Sometimes I think to bring a small notepad with me to jot these things down in, but if I treat it anything like my grocery list, I will make it, but not actually look at it when I am supposed to.

Its cold here, not the blistering, biting cold, just he dank, chill you to the bones cold and we are sick of it. I long for Spring and Summer ... and I am not actually a summer person, so when the other day I thought to myself I wish it were summer, I paused and said, I'm sorry, have we met?!?! I think I am more sick of the dark, I wish for summer days when the sun stays out past 8pm.

I am almost finished with Diane's gloves. I think I will be able to finish them this weekend and send them off to her. I really did not enjoy this pattern, its just tedious. The end result is nice and I hope they actually fit her, but I don't think I'll be making anything like that again if I can help it. Give me worsted weight mittens or mitts any day over fingering weight 1940s pattern!

I haven't been able to knit much at home since we got Willow. She's a nasty little yarn stealing monster disguised as a cat. But I know she is something else entirely, this cat charade is not fooling me in the least! I have to lock myself in my craft room or bedroom in order to knit and when I do that I have three furry buggers banging on the door wanting to know why I am not attending to their every want and need ... I am a prisoner in my own house!

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