Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free at last ...

This was the last weekend at my part-time job and what a relief it is to be free at last. I started this job when we were looking for a house to get extra cash for a downpayment and moving expenses ... that was in February of 2008. The plan was to work until we moved ... well then I kept saying I could use the extra money so I stayed ... another year. At this point it is too much, even though its every other weekend, it is third shift and an hour drive each way. So now I am free!

However, this puts a real strain on my craft budget ... like making it zero. Well OK I am sure I can come up with $20 here and there. But I can't go crazy. I am glad I did go crazy in the past and I have ample stamping and yarn stash to work through, so I am taking a breath and know it'll be OK.

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