Monday, January 11, 2010

January - Catch Up Knitting Month

Most people refer to January as selfish knitting month, after they have knit and knit for the holidays and gift giving, they stop knitting for others and knit for themselves. Well I am using January as catch up knitting month. I want to finally finish those projects, either for myself or others that have been languishing on the needles for far too long. I want to actually know what needles I have so I don't buy more for a project because they are stuffed in a bag somewhere! I want to not have bags of unfinished projects all over the house. I want to start fresh and knit things that will get completed here and now, not years from now.

I actually lost my favorite knitting scissors when we moved because they were in a bag with a project and I found them almost a year later!

These gloves have been on the needles for entirely too long! They were supposed to be a Christmas gift in 2008! And the recipient asked for them and has been waiting for them all this time!

2010 will be the year of Focused Knitting. I can have two projects on the needles at a time and once one is finished, then and only then can I cast on a new project. I don't like having too many things on the needles, I get out of the groove of a pattern and feel like I have to start all over, plus I find my tension is not the same, especially if something isn't touched for months or ah hem ... years. Here's my list of WIPs to finish before I cast on new projects:

1. Diane's Gloves - need thumb an ends woven in.

2. Derek's scarf - needs to be completed.

3. Leyburn socks - second leg needs finishing.

3. Toe up socks - second heel and leg needs to be completed.

4. Cable bottom up sweater - only the bottom is complete.

5. Revesible Cable Scarf

6. Blanket square

7. Lavitan Mittens

8. Bat Shawl

9. Christmas Stocking

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