Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

I am happy to welcome in the new year. Time for fresh starts and new beginnings. I am really excited that I finished remodeling my craft room a few months ago, so 2010 will be full of space and time for crafting! Last year I didn't get much knitting or crafting done because more of my free time was spent, sanding, painting, nailing, striping, etc. to renovate the room. Now I sit surrounded by my craft supplies and stash yarns displayed as to invite creativity and inspire.

I wanted to review the things I wanted to learn in 2009:

Slip Stitch
Knitting with Beads
Lace Shawl

None of which I actually did, LOL! I did however, learn plenty of other things and do many new things:

- Seam a sweater
- Successful toe up socks that fit
- I am really confident in reading my knitting now and don't have sticky notes with has marks all over anymore, I just cound rows in the knitting

I have several WIPs to finish from previous years. I did some investigating and found old blog posts showing when they were started.

Diane's Gloves - I did noticed that the date on the pattern is August 08. So I might not be so long in knitting these as I originally thought, its really only been one year ... not a few.

Derek's Scarf - Found date on pattern from December 07 ... ok so this one has been around for a while!

Christmas Stocking - October 08.

Reversible Cable Scarf - June ... yes June 07.

Bat Shawl - Wanted to finish this for Halloween 09 ... no such luck.

Another project I wanted to complete in 09 was a year in a blanket. This is where you make a square a month and then put them all together to form a blanket. I have a pattern for a house that is in intarsia I started last year. Maybe I can get a blanket done this year, LOL!

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