Monday, January 6, 2014

My Stash Runneth Over

I've been a member of the Into the Whirled Fiber Club for a while now and memberships are currently closed.  I am currently unemployed, but until it comes time that I cannot pay a bill, I'm staying put and holding on to my spot.  

For 2014 my goal is to spin 12 skeins.  This is much more than I've spun in the past.  While I was employed and making good money, I bought fiber like a fiend!  I have an ample stash now and know it.  What I didn't REALLY know was just how ample that stash was... 12 skeins would put a good dent in it ... it would free up a whole bin!  

I figured since I can never really decide what to spin next I would choose the first January shipment from the ITW club.  So I looked on the Ravelry group and searched January 2013 .... wait a minute, that's not the first shipment I got ... so I searched January 2012 ... oh that's the first shipment I got.  So I now have TWO YEARS of Into the Whirled shipments ... in addition to all the other stash I purchased in the past.  Wowzah!

I've always wanted to put my stash up on Ravelry, so I figured why not start with my ITW stash.  Today is rainy, cold and dreary, so not the best day for photos ... but at least its done!  Right now I have all of 2012 and 2 of 2013 in there and some other stuff that was in my craft room for a total of 29 entries.  

I'm done for today, I still have ways to go.  I kept an Excel spreadsheet of my fiber stash and it was mostly updated, except for all of the ITW club - I stopped buying fiber in 2013 when it was clear that my stash was out of control, because I had to keep going to Walmart to purchase plastic storage bins.  My spreadsheet has 99 entries ...


kathy b said...

Ravelry really helps me get and stay on record for my projects. Love your stash and goals

kathy b said...

Ravelry really helps me get and stay on record for my projects. Love your stash and goals

Anonymous said...

I really need to get my stash up there ---- ALL of it.

So far I only have what I bought recently. There is SO much to document. LOL

elns said...

Yay for organization and re-purposing and fiber goals! I am all about moving out the old, but I can't lie to you. I am already eying new things for the stash!