Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hand spun: English Shetland

I finished the Into the Whirled England Shetland Combed Top in the colorway Snow Angels with an Ood. It was beautiful fiber to spin and a lovely colorway.

Fiber: Into the Whirled English Shetland Combed Top
Yarn: 2-Ply (singles S, ply Z) DK Weight
Ashford Traveller 10:1 ratio spun and plied
Started: Jan. 8th 2014
Finished: Jan. 15th 2014

I stopped spinning when it was clear that the second bobbin was filling up more than the first.  I had a tiny bit of fiber left over to spin (about 19g).

I plied off of my lazy kate.  This is such a cool tool and the tension makes it so much easier to deal with the singles. 

I almost didn't fit the yarn on the bobbin.  Next time I'll remember to use my sliding hook flyer.  The yarn kept jumping off the hooks near the end and getting wrapped around the center rod that holds the bobbin.

The finished skein came out awesome and I am very happy with it.  I got about 130 yards, 11 WPI which is about a DK weight.

I have a tiny bit more to ply, I used the remaining 6 grams on the bobbin and spun  up the left over fiber and will ply that up into a little skein and get a bit more yardage.

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