Thursday, January 30, 2014

FO: Hand Spun: Superwash BFL - Dreams of Iris

This is Gale's Art Superwash BFL top in the colorway Dreams of Iris. Its more purple than blue (purple is such a difficult color to photograph properly).

Fiber: Gale's Art Superwash BFL in Dreams of Iris
Yarn: 2-Ply (singles Z, ply S) Sport Weight; Approx. 230 yds
Ashford Traveller 10:1 singles; 7.5:1 ply
Started: January 20th 2014
Finished: January 29th 2014

Halfway through I decided to fractal spin it, since the braid looked to be folded in half and dyed the same, I was still able to do it after I had started.  Here is the second half split into many thinner sections.

Here you can see the fractal spun up, the bobbin on the left has long repeats of color, where the bobbin on the right has very short repeats of color.  This one was a pretty good divide - I barely had anything left on one bobbin ... not enough to even do anything with.

And here is the plying, you can see the barber poling, as well as the colors meeting up as they should when fractal spinning.  I also remembered to use my sliding hook flyer this time so I didn't run into problems with the plied yarn winding on.

It finished as a nice balanced sport weight.  The colors mixed as expected with some matching up and some barber poling.

Its quiet a lovely skein at 230 yards.