Thursday, January 16, 2014

Combing Alpaca

I have some lovely (though a little dirty) Alpaca fiber in my stash. I did wash it when I got it to get all the dust and dirt out of it. Now it just has a little veggie matter in it.

Setting up to comb some fiber.  I have my fiber, combs, newspaper to catch debris that falls out and a bag to put the discard into.

This is some fiber ready to come off the comb.  I've made about four passes on it.

Here you can see the difference between the fiber that is not combed and the fiber that has been combed.

I have a whopping 0.5 oz of combed fiber for an hour of work.  Its not bad work though.  Its beautiful, isn't it?

This is my discard pile.  I'm getting better at discarding :o)  I usually try and save all the fibers, but its just not worth it sometimes.  There's a reason why its referred to as discard.

I have over 4 oz of this fiber to comb up - so it'll be a while before I start spinning it.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

It looks so warm!

kathy b said...

The combed is soooo fluffy

Anonymous said...

It looks so fluffy! I bet it feels wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,

How did you get the 2014 Reading Challenge widget for your blog? I have searched all over Goodreads and can't figure out how to do it so that it will update when my challenge updates.