Saturday, June 6, 2009

Redoing & Repairs

On both the home and knitting fronts. I finished a V-Neck Tank Top from an issue of Vogue Knitting (the whereabouts of the magazine I don't know at the moment, I was working from a working copy of the pattern). I made the size small which was a 37" bust and apparently I should have gone with the x-small of 35" bust (I'm a 34") but when I was looking at the pattern I noticed that it said "loose fitting" so that's why I went with the small. Also, my gauge was 16 sts when the pattern called for 14 sts - also why I choose to work the bigger size. I blocked it like a good doobie, which was also apparently a mistake - I really should have tried it on around my body before deciding to block it to measurements of the pattern, it probably would have fit fine as it was.

I finished seaming it last night. I tried it on to find that it is indeed "loose fitting" ... so loose it looks quite silly. I could have shortened the straps, but then it would turn into a half tank top and the bottom rested about an inch above my belly button. So instead I decided to try and reverse block it, by blocking it lengthwise to get more length and also bring in the width of it. It seems like it might work, as its pinned it appears to be 14" in width from the 18 1/2" it was. I have it pinned and drying now hoping this will solve the problem. Then if I still have to shorten the straps, I'll have enough length in the body to do it.

On the home front I am preparing my computer / knitting room for painting. In order to do this I have to sand and repair the walls. The previous owners either really didn't care or they let young children paint, I haven't quite figured it out - because some rooms are done with more care and effort, but not quite right. They did not tape off any molding or trim, so it all has to be sanded to remove color from the edges. They did not tape off the ceiling, so it also has to be repainted to hide the old color splotches at the edges. They painted over some switch and outlet plates, yet left a half inch around others. They painted right over the baseboards, but stopped about a half inch from the floor. Baseboards had to be chiseled and pryed loose from the wall because they were secured tight with layers of paint before being removed. They did drywall tape the wall and ceiling joints ... horribly so its bubbling and warping and full of plaster chunks so all that has to be removed and repaired. It appears they plastered portions of the walls but didn't bother sanding it down before painting over it. Oh did I mention they used thick glossy paint, in two different colors?!?!? Its quite a mess for being the smallest room in the house, hahaha!! I've been working on it for a few weeks now and probably still have a few weeks to go before I can paint.

I moved all my stuff (papers, bills, yarn, knitting, other craft stuff, books, magazines, etc.) including desk and computer into the dining room for the time being. I am feeling quite restless and uneasy with all my stuff in boxes thrown here and there ... I don't like that. I am hoping I can get this room finished up in a few weeks and get everything back organized and tidy before I ultimately go insane.


Anonymous said...

Oh YIKES! That sounds like a big job. I've never really painted a whole room. I've only done "touch-up" and just THAT stresses me out.

Good luck with the project. I totally get not liking boxes everywhere.

Just keep your eye on the prize --- a nice, freshly painted office!

Anita said...

Good luck with the tank & the room! I sure hope the blocking will work for the tank, it turned out pretty, it would be a shame to have to frog it!!