Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stripes Interrupted

This is the second time while working with a self striping yarn that I came across a knot where the yarn ended and the new strand began. This time it was Red Heart "Heart & Sole" yarn. However, they were kind enough to tie it on in the same pattern as the yarn before it. I had this happen before with a different brand and the new yarn was reversed from what I had been working with so the stripes didn't match up after the knot, I had to unknit several rounds and wind the yarn out of the skein and reverse it for the second sock to match the first. So at least all I had to do here was pull out several repeats of color until I was back where I was supposed to be and go from there :o)

Here some of the Hummingbirds that visit our deck. I LOVE hummingbirds, they move so quick though its hard to bird watch them, LOL!!


Anita said...

Great photos of the hummingbirds!! I've yet to get a photo of the few that visit my yard... they are much more fast than I am! LOL

Anonymous said...

I had that same problem with Noro sock yarn. It was very frustrating.

Cute hummingbird!