Friday, May 8, 2009


Episode 2 was recorded today and I noticed that I think I have a running trend where I pick a "word of the day" and I repeat it a tremendous amount during the podcast, LOL! I believe the first episode I chose "cool" and for the second one it was definitely "enjoyable". Hey, maybe once I get an audience I can run contests where people can email me the "word of the day" and I can pick a winner from the entries, hahaha!! I also think that I misspelled the web address ... missed a few letters. I really need to have that in front of me. I can spell, but its hard when you know you're being recorded and you don't want to mess up ... inevitably you do! I'll fix that and the next episode will be posted tomorrow.

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Anita said...

LOL, too funny! Now I'm gonna be listening for them. :)