Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday ...

Its Wednesday, that inevitably blah day in the middle of the week. Well there is one good thing about Wednesdays in my life ... they are also payday!

The Quidditch sweater is finally complete! It was only a year and a half in the making, LOL! I seamed it up this past Sunday. I was thinking that I would not want to knit another adult sweater any near time in the future, but when I saw the completed item and was able to put it on ... whoosh! I am hooked. I immediately cast on another sweater. This one is more of a summer design, so hopefully I finish it up this summer and can wear it. Its the V-Neck Cardigan by Deborah Newton (Ravelry link).

I am still working on the room, I am taking a week off the week after next and hope to complete it during that time at home.

I am working on another podcast for this month, stay tuned ...

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