Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is it really June?

You wouldn't know if you were in New England. Its been in the 40s - 50s in the mornings and only getting into the low 60s during the day. Its been raining for a week straight now, yesterday was sunny and nice but its raining again today. Yuck! I am thinking of seaming up my Quidditch Sweater that is sitting in the closet that I gave up on because I was thinking it was getting too warm to wear it and I would finish it at the end of the Summer or beginning of Fall ... well I could have worn it about 10 times in the last month! Yes, a sweater in June!

I made a lot of progress yesterday on my craft/knitting/computer room. I finished sanding the remaining wall and one of the window frames, which was the double. The window frame that is left to be sanded is only a single. Since we went to Home Depot Friday night and saw the types of molding available I have a better idea of how much of the wall imperfections I can cover and I think that I will leave the 1/2" edge of the walls where they meet the ceiling as they are for now and if the plaster blobs and bumps that I didn't completely sand down interfere with the molding, I can just cut the sections out with the utility knife when I put the molding up and cover it with that. This way I can stop trying to perfect the walls that will be covered up by molding anyway, LOL!!

At this point I have to remove the remaining door trim, which I left the top of because when removing it I noticed that it appears that the trim was the only thing holding the door frame in the wall! Since I am getting wider trim to replace it I don't have to worry about sanding or painting right to the trim that is currently in place and can remove it when I am ready to install the new trim. There's a switch for the closet light that is too close to the corner of the wall that needs to be moved out a few inches, then the hole patched. There is an old switch box on another wall with live wires in it that needs a new blank plate or the wires to be pulled and the hold patched, we haven't decided yet what will work best. The ceiling has the old access to the attic, which was later replaced by drop down stairs in the hallway, so we haven't yet decided to replace the old trim to match better to close off the access and patch the ceiling. Decisions, decisions ...

This photo shows some of the paint drips and plaster imperfections. Anything white is something that stood out from the surface of the wall and was sanded off. The other more uniform white spots are holes and dents I patched with plaster.

This photo shows the switch that is way too close to the other wall. And more of the bad plaster and paint job.

I learned a lot on this project ... things like thoroughly inspect the wall close to other architectural objects like window frames before sanding like a maniac ... you might find a soft spot and shove your hand sander right through the wall. Or cleanly cut the drywall tape with a SHARP utility knife before pulling it ... or you might pull a chunk of drywall paper off the wall too. Good thing a tub of plaster is cheap!

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