Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Update 9-25-11

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I just added three new colorways that are Autumn/Halloween colors!!

And for the winners of the give-a-ways last week:

Typstatting has won the Summer edition of Interweave Knits!

Corawitherspoon has won the Celestial Cross Stitch!

Please contact me delusionalknitter AT gmail DOT com to arrange mailing.

Fishy got new digs today ... clean tank and a new house. Do you know what this is? Do you know because you have children ... or are you a big child like me?!?!

The frog pond is doing well this year. Mr. Gargoyle still doesn't have a name ... but he's doing well over there. I think he enjoyed the impatients I planted by him this summer.

Friday I was off work to go to the DMV and bank to change my name to my married name and do some other stuff. When I got home from errands there was water coming in the wall in the dining room while it was raining hard. The eaves of the roof stop abruptly in the middle of the house at the chimney for the wood stove, both of the of the eaves had no end caps ... just open triangles at the edges ... pretty sure if there's a gaping hole ... that's where the water is coming in (we figured this out later). We've been here almost three years ... was probably happening before, but nobody was home to see it.

So at the time I ran downstairs to get something to sop up the water ... and found water in the basement, I heard dripping ... tracked it down and found water pouring in by the gas main pipe. We had water before in the basement, but it wasn't active when we got home from work, so never found the source. Today we flashed the roof/chimney and plugged up the hole around the pipe with concrete sealer. I am happy that I was home to find the problems. Pretty sure that'll fix the issues ... we'll see next time it rains.

I also went to a local bead shop on Friday, which was a really cool shop. I found this awesome bead mat. Its made of some sort of very soft felt, feels like fleece lining, you pour beads on and they stay put!

And for your feline viewing pleasure.

"Why would you put this in the recycle bin?? I have a use for it!!"


pinkundine said...

I kind of want to call your gargoyle Kevin. I don't know why, and it's not a very gargoyle name, but that's what popped into my head ;)

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I was thinking the gargoyle has such a patient look on his as he sits patiently waiting for a name. Then I read that he's surrounded by Impatiens, and it Zap, it came to me in a flash. He should be named Kevin, 'cuz I read pinkundine's comment and I grew up with a Kevin, and he was a monster. Or Patience.

kathy b said...

oh uh. We have rain coming in from somewheres too.
not a fun predicament.

Love the cat recycle thought.... nothing like a new box for a kitty

Sue said...

The gargoyle is a handsome devil! Cats can't help themselves can they? Paper, fabric and yarn are magnets to them. Here's hoping the leaks are gone completely.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I would name your Gargoyle "Ted". Just cause.
Love the fish tank!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gargoyle looks very happy among the flowers.

I have that same gargoyle, but in a smaller size. Mine is named Bob. I have a bigger gargoyle named Louie.