Friday, September 16, 2011


Startitis - A knitter's insatiable urge to start a new project.

I've had it bad lately. Especially since I've been cleaning up my queue and moving things to my favorites list, using only my queue for things I know I will knit in the very near future.

I went to to my local Social Security office the other day to change my name to my married name. I had to wait over half an hour in line ... I could have been knitting, did I bring anything ... no.

So I thought I would start some plain vanilla socks for just this occasion (because I have to go to other places to change my name, like the Registry of Motor Vehicles).

So I took this yarn I got recently and split it into two balls to knit two socks at the same time on separate needles.

I start by winding the ball.

Then I use the scale to determine when I'm at the half way point.

Then I split it.

Only to find out the needles I need are already occupied by another pair of socks ...

Oh Startitis how you plague me so!!!


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Ah, good tip! Next week we have to go to the municipal office to get a license ... I'd better bring some knitting!

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd been a knitter back when I was going through all the name change fun.
Now if I go anywhere to wait for long periods, I have my son to keep me busy. Oh, priorities. :p

I'm fighting off startitis myself, vowing to finish my father's first sock at least before starting ANYTHING else. Deadlines, you know. :\

Best of luck with all the other name-change fun. Especially at the DMV.

Sue said...

Surely that means you need to buy another pair of needles? lol There is nothing wrong with are being efficent, thinking ahead and organising your winter projects. ;0)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Startitis is indeed a cruel mistress! Nice yarn though