Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Felines Vol. 35 2014


She hasn't knocked down the tree this year ... yet.  But as you can see ... she's being the terrible cat that she is and she found their stocking.  After this pic ... I had to pull her off the window ... she was up to the stocking.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

FO: Massive Granny Square

This was improvised from another pattern.  I know how to make crochet stitches ... but I wouldn't say I know how to crochet (like knowing how to make a knit stitch vs how to make a sock or sweater).  So I wanted an easy project to brush up on my crochet skills.

Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA 100% Acrylic Super Bulky
Hooks: 10mm and 6.5mm
Cast On: 11/23/14
Finished: 12/5/14

Its 48" square ... perfect size for me (5'3") and it was a super fast project.  Probably would have been done quicker if 1) I didn't run out of light grey yarn and have to go back to the store twice until it was restocked and 2) its so bulky it hurt my wrist to work on it for extended periods of time.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Felines Vol. 34 2014


This photo is blurry and grainy because its dark, my husband goes to bed much earlier than I do (I work at 3pm) Riley does what we refer to as "tv time" with my husband .... but he also serves as mommy's bed warmer, LOL!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Master Knitting Level 1 Vol. 12

Final Submission

I've got everything printed out and ready to go.  All written work is complete, all swatches are knit and blocked and labeled.  I've checked all references (to make sure anything I cited is indeed listed as a reference).

The program required 17 swatches and a mitten.  Each swatch is accompanied by a page in the binder with cited references for the techniques, some required writing instructions or a paragraph about the technique.  One swatch required writing a pattern so that another knitter could make the swatch.

A 2-4 page report on blocking and care of hand knits with references.

22 questions answered and cited; some questions having 2-5 sub questions.

I gave myself a deadline of 6 months to complete this Level of the program.  I received my instruction packet on 6/8/14 ... and its done as of 11/28/14!!  I took two fairly large breaks where I didn't do any additional work on the program (4-6 weeks).

I did not keep up on blogging about it - mainly because I took all the photos of the swatches on the same day, LOL!

I learned a tremendous amount.  Especially about tension and different increase and decrease techniques.  I've never had any real issues with tension in my knitting, but I still learned some techniques to improve it.

Ravelry Project Page

You can see all the posts on this topic on the blog by clicking the TKGA Level 1 tag below or searching for it in the box above.

Master Knitting Level 1 Vol. 11

Level 1 Project

The Level 1 Project is the Classic Mitten with Stripes.  Looks very easy, but that cuff was a doozy!  In addition care must be taken to obtain the appropriate gauge, length of knitting as stated in the pattern and it must be blocked appropriately.

Master Knitting Level 1 Vol. 10

Swatches 14-16 Cables

These swatches required cable work.  The cables should not have over stretched stitches or ladders between the purl stitches.  They should also be blocked properly to not flatten out the cables.

Swatch 14: Single Cable Cross

Swatch 15: Horseshoe Cable

Swatch 16: Cable Swatch & Pattern

This swatch required writing a pattern and knitting the appropriate number of multiples and repeats of the provided cable stitch.

Swatch 17: Colorwork

This swatch required a mid-row color change join that avoids holes or uneven tension.  It also required changing colors in ribbing and avoiding bi-colored purl stitches.

Master Knitting Level 1 Vol 9

Swatches 11-13 Lace

These swatches include eyelets and decreases.  Swatch 13 required writing a paragraph about how the different yarn overs are worked.

Swatch 11: Simple Eyelet Pattern 1

Swatch 12: Simple Eyelet Pattern 2

Swatch 13: Yarnovers