Thursday, September 1, 2011

War of WIPs Call to Arms #7

Want to join the war?? Check out the 2011 War of WIPs page.

In addition to finishing WIPs, there will be optional side quests to organize your knitting life! Check out the War of WIPs page for more information!

No finishes for this week.

Next Battles on the Horizon:

Celeano Shawl 9/30/11
Niantic Rose Shawl 9/30/11
Ribband 9/30/11
Coriolis Socks
Nugatory Socks
February Lady Sweater
Derek's Scarf
Reversible Cable Scarf
Icarus Shawl
Stenciling storage boxes
Hummingbird Cross Stitch

***Optional Side Quest August 14-28***
Organize your Knitting Needle Stash

Did you finish the optional side quest? If you entered your inventory into Ravelry, comment with your Ravelry username. If you did it somewhere else, be sure to include some evidence of it in your weekly post to be entered into the drawing for a prize (photo, list, screenshot of list, etc.).

Next Quest
September 3-17
Organize your Knitting Pattern Queue

If you are joining the quest to defeat the WIPs, please join the Call to Arms here:


WildflowerWool said...

Good luck!!

Calophi said...

I'm about to get more needles for my birthday, so I decided to wait to sort them. =D

Red said...

The needle optional side quest was an easy one! Ninshark on ravelry.

geeky Heather said...

Yeah...this week totally got away from me, so I'm way behind in posting (and reading!) I did get my needles in Ravelry, though...I'm lottloft on there.