Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The REAL indicator of Spring

So, what is the "REAL" indicator of Spring you wonder??? In New England, its the opening of the local seafood and ice cream "shacks" or um ... fine dining establishments. They are all over, every town has at least one. We were happy to find that when we moved here (though they don't have my favorite chocolate peanut butter ice cream ... we'll get to that later this year) they do have great fried seafood.

Hubby got a new camera, so he was trying it out.

I recently got new sunglasses with some bling, bling. Typically I am a tomboy, but there are some ooohhhh shinys that I like. I had my last pair of (regular black) sunglasses for must've been .. oh 8 years. I'm not good at change or letting things go. I wore these crooked with a too large screw holding the falling off ear piece for the last two years ... I bought another cheapo pair a few months ago, but still went back to the broken ones ... until I found these ...

Oh, I said seafood, right?!?!  Did I mention my all time favorite - RASPBERRY LIME RICKEY?!?!


Anonymous said...

Those sunglasses are FABULOUS!

I am a bit of a glasses whore --- I like them funky! Right now I have bright blue Lindbergs and a black/silver Kliik 525 pair.

Yours look fabby on you!

Faith said...

Cute glasses! And the return of ice cream and sea food sounds yummy!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Oooh - that makes me crave deep-fried clams!

Love the glasses!