Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Love Your Blog Challenge #2 Beginnings

A Playful Day

The topic for this week is beginnings ... how did you get started blogging?  I went back ... way back to 2006 and checked out my old blog.  It appears I may have started because I was doing a lot of swaps and also I had just started knitting.  There were a lot of beginnings ... beginning a lot of projects - many of which I am sure I never quite finished.  Some I did ... many, many years later ...

One I started  in December of 2007 (or at least bought the yarn for) and finally completed it in December of 2011.

I used to actually list my "ridiculous sock yarn stash" that amounted to 18 skeins ... hahahahahaha!!!!!  How cute is that?!?!  Silly girl!!!

I also used to go places and take cool photos.  I haven't done that in a long time ... (I go places, I forget to take photos).

I used to write a lot more too ... it also appears I used to come up with much wittier blog titles, LOL!

While digging through the blog I found some yarn that may be perfect for a shawl I wanted to knit ... where it is though ... hhmmm.

I used to make cool collages at the end of the year.

HHmmm here's to more thoughtful blogging from me in the future :o)

So ... what do you LIKE about this blog (so I can keep doing it)???  And is there anything you used to see here that you would like to see again?!?!

How did you start blogging???


Unknown said...

I love the way your sense of humour comes through in your posts! I've only just started blogging in response to this challenge. Really enjoying it! X

Anonymous said...

What I like most about your blog is the chatty nature of it. It's like sitting around the table with a cup of tea with you.

You have a very comfortable and friendly blog and the kitty pictures don't hurt! ;-)

elns said...

It goes without saying, I love your sense of humor. I like Feline Fridays and I like when you are enjoying a project.

Nidhi said...

I must be the last one to have joined the blog world! 2006? Wow!