Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Felines Vol. 10


Nikoh back when we first adopted him.  He was the cutest little thing (he's still cute, he just grew into his ears and kinda his legs).  I remember when we first got him, he was inquisitive, not skiddish, but not real friendly (we referred to him as a dumpster cat - he was out in the "wild" with other cats that a rescue picked up, he was young enough to not be really feral and he adapted quite well).

Remember I said not real friendly?!?!  He wouldn't sit with us or on us when we first got him, for some time.  Years later I can't get him off me :o)

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Anonymous said...

That's how he shows you how much he appreciates you .....he lets you be his seat and automatic head scratcher. See? Win/win!