Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Update

Hello everyone, this is Weekend Update and I'm your host the Delusional Knitter!

I had a pretty darn good weekend! We always say that we should get out of the house and do things, we're sick of it all of a sudden being Sunday night and we feel like we did nothing all weekend and then have to go back to work. Saturday morning we went to a garden club plant sale a few towns over. We got a few things. Its cool because they are native or hardy to this area since they are grown here by hobbyists.

After that we went out to breakfast and I had delicious strawberry and sour cream crepes. I wanted to stop at Michael's which was down the street from the restaurant.

I wanted to try making my own spindle. At Michael's I got a toy wheel and dowels. We had a cup hook in the picture hanging supplies at home, the last one! I had to use some glue on the whorl because the dowels available were slightly smaller in diameter than the hole in the wheel. I meant to take photos as I was putting it together, but I got so engrossed in it, I totally forgot.

I had acrylic paint in my crafting supplies, so I put two coats on it. I love it, and its purple. And yes, it actually works! It spins quite well.

Once I had my spindle supplies in hand, I took a look around the store. I found some super bargains at Michael's! I've been searching for a plant stand for my orchid, but I didn't want to pay $30-$80 which is what I was finding. Michael's had them for $19.99 - but this was on clearance for $7.99! I also found the purple pot, I honestly don't know what I paid for that ... if its purple, price is irrelevant.

I found this Paton's Stretch sock yarn in a sale bin for $0.99 a skein ... yeah you read that correctly! I also saw size 000, 00, 0 and 1 sock needles. I don't have anything below a 0, so I thought these would be good to have on hand, (I thought they were $3.99, but now that I look at my receipt they were $12.99 ... whoops! I must have been looking at the tag for something else. Still not bad for 4 sets of needles). Michael's has their own line of yarns now, I didn't know that. They actually had quite a bit. This particular store carried quite a bit of different varieties of yarn. It was nice to see lots of fairly inexpensive sock yarn!

Next was a stop at Petco in the same plaza. I wanted to get my fish some food, I'd been stealing from the other fish in the house ... and theirs is mixed so I had to pick out the bloodworms which is what my fish prefers, he wasn't eating the other stuff. While there I found a tank for $29.99. I wanted to get one of these, but usually saw them for $50+. Its a nice hexagon tank with light and filter, so I think he likes it a lot more than his bowl.

And for now he's referred to as "Fishy" - so no name Dee!

I am happy with my Tradis blue yarn. I actually over dyed it on Saturday. Once it was dry I could see how light it actually was, and some parts were white. Not many, but enough that I think while I was knitting it, I would have been annoyed and unhappy with the final product.

It is slightly darker than this in person, but this is the closest photo I could get of the color.

BTW - if you're a Dr. Who fan, the episode that Neil Gaiman wrote that aired this weekend was pretty fabulous!! I'm a fan of both so double nerdy awesomeness for me!

Sunday I puttered around the house, it was raining all day. I finished the Baby Surprise Jacket (see previous post). Then I cleaned up my craft room (see orchid photo and stuff piled everywhere). I also rearranged my stash yarn thats out in view. I created some extra space so I figured I better run down to the basement and fill the holes before I got any ideas of buying more yarn. I came up with a grocery bag full of sock weight yarn and there was still about 1/3 of a plastic tote down there). Just out of curiousity I counted what was visible in the room:

Approx. 90 skeins of sock yarn (2 50g skeins were counted as one)
11 skeins I dyed
12 Misc. (only one 50g skein or a partially used skein, kept for heels and toes or colorwork)
13 laceweight (individual colors counted, not skeins)

This does not include the yarn set aside for particular projects on the shelves or the 6 project baggies I made up. This also doesn't include anything stuffed in the back of a shelf that I cannot see. Yowza!

What's visible to you in your stash? What's hidden away ... or do you even know?


Anonymous said...

Fishy is a good name! :-)

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Our cat has a name, but mostly we just call her "cat. I'm not sure she'd recognize her own name.

The blue yarn is absolutely gorgeous. You must be thrilled with it.

I absolutely agree with the notion that you have to get out there. The weekends are so much more satisfying if you see and do.

rachel said...

Awesome spindle! And a productive weekend, to boot.

My stash is mostly kept in baskets around the house so I can see a lot of what I have at a glance. And it's supposed to discourage me from yarn shopping, but that never seems to work.

autumngeisha said...

That's a great looking spindle. I love going to Michael's and searching for bargains. Must check out their new yarn line, too. Is your fish tank sporting purple pebbles? Very cute.