Saturday, May 7, 2011

Knitting Monogamy

So I found this pattern for Tardis socks a while ago. I wanted to make them. The yarn in an acceptable color (meaning, not the exact color I want, but close enough to work) arrived from my order and I was rearing to cast on. Oh, what's that ... you don't have size 1 needles free?!?! Well how many do you have? 3 sets?? And none are free?!?!

I have 3 sets of circulars, because I prefer magic loop for socks. That's not to say that I don't have a few sets of DPNs kicking around. I do. But my 3 sets of circs are on projects at the moment. Oh this is why I keep leaning towards a life of monogamy and stop being the loose, sleazy, yarn w&^%$ that I am.

I don't even have needles to cast on this project and its not like I only own 1 set, I have three and still don't have any free to start this project!

What does this say about my knitting morality?!?!

Let's see how much of a s&^% I really am ....

What's on the needles right now?!?
2 pairs of socks
3 scarves
1 sweater
4 shawls (yes four)

10 ... I have 10 unfinished projects right now and I'm thinking of casting on another?

Are you a monogamous knitter or a polygamist knitter?

And what about yarn hoarding? I have enough yarn for 11 lace weight shawls ... yeah this one goes to eleven.

How about sweaters ... 9 ... nine sweaters.

Socks ... oh we don't go there. We stopped counting when we got over 100.

I have 9 skeins of sock yarn that I dyed that I haven't knit anything out of ... yeah 9.

I'm cut off. There's been an intervention. There will be no more yarn buying until October. I am putting it out there so that its in writing and there are witnesses!!

How's your stash?


Minding My Own Stitches said...

I've been on a yarn diet for about a year and a half, although I've relaxed it lately. And you know, it's kind of fun seeing all those wonderful yarns collected over the years turn into finished objects.

I'm pretty much monogamous - 1 large project for sofa knitting and 1 small project for travel knitting at a time. I have to be disciplined this way; after all, it's often the desire to start something new that motivates me to finish what's on needles.

Anonymous said...

Oh my stash?? It's uh, uh's good. REAL good. :::change the subject::: LOL

I'm mostly a monogamous knitter. I 'might' have a pair of socks AND a dishcloth going, but rarely do I have TWO pair of socks going at the same time.

I'm a monogamous stitcher too --- mostly. Sometimes I'll be working on a big project and a small one. But never more than that.

As for yarn intervention ---- NAHHHHHHHHHHHH...I don't need one of those. Really, I don't. I could quit buying yarn anytime I like...if I wanted to. Yeah....that's it.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I am ridiculous knitting polygamist. I don't think I could be faithful if I tried!

Sue said...

I have eleven sewing projects, two cross stitch projects and three knitting projects....Boneyard shawl, a facecloth for my handbag and an egg cosy which only needs to be sew together...It has been waiting for nearly a year. lol Oops...nearly forgot I also have a half done scrapbooking page. I have about 30 balls of yarn. Most of it was bought simply because I liked it or plan on dyeing it. Everything will be made into "something someday". lol The way I look at it, my stash is like an insurance policy. It is there for when I need it...whether that need is fondling, a particular project or an "I wonder what I can make with that yarn" project. As for the needle shortage...get what you need. Artists/tradies/golfers don't worry about the number of tools they have...same for knitters. Circs are only small therefore, easy to store. Last but not least, knitting makes you is short...we need as much happiness as we can have!