Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Training Example: Knitting

I've been attending supervisor training by an outside company for my job and the exercise today was to bring something from home or work that you could train someone to do in 10 minutes ... well we all can guess what I brought.

I knit up a few rows of garter stitch with worsted weight on size 8 needles to prepare. My topic was the knit stitch.

I was paired up with a coworker, each person brought a topic and we were paired up and taught each other the specific task that was our topic. We were provided with instruction on writing an objective and task instructions. Later in the day was hands on. We had too much fun with the knitting!

I instructed my partner, then the instructor of our training pulled me aside and said what do you think about me asking Tim if he thinks he knows enough to teach Bob? I said go for it. It was too funny.

Do you remember first learning and holding the needles in a death grip? Putting the needle in the wrong direction, dropping stitches, wrapping the yarn in the wrong direction, etc.? All this happened.

I'm known for being very blunt, sarcastic, having excellent mnemonic ablitilies, wanting things done quickly, being very matter of fact and not touchy feely and I think the instructor had an idea that I was like that when I trained people. I was complimented by the instructor of my knowledge and patience and instruction in knitting. It was such a fun exercise.

Pictures of course were taken on phones, but I didn't get any of them yet, if I do I'll post them ... blurring the victims faces of course!


autumngeisha said...

What fun! Teaching a newbie to knit definitely takes patience and humor.

Typstatting said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I cant wait to get back into my knitting etc but it looks like it will be some more days yet.

Anonymous said...

Wish I had been there to watch. LOL

Maybe you made a new knitter.

Sue said...

There could be a new career in there for you!