Friday, September 5, 2014

Master Knitting Level 1 Vol. 3

Well its been a little bit since I've worked on The Knitting Guild Association Master Hand Knitting Program Level 1.

I started reading Knitting in Plain English by Maggie Righetti.  It is a fantastic book.  She was a knitting instructor for many, many years (before the internet and Ravelry and YouTube).  This book is very much like having an experienced knitter there to answer your questions from their own personal experience and past mistakes.  Its very conversational.  I highly recommend it to new and seasoned knitters alike.

So, besides reading, what have I done ... well I finally blocked swatches 7 & 8.  I had been tossing them around the room for the last 2 months every time they got in the way.

I spent some time today answering question 10 (of 22) that relates to these swatches.  I am stuck now until I knit some more, the remaining decrease questions relate to the next 2 swatches.

I was thinking, yeah um I'm crazy not stupid, hoping I would be wrapping this up by the end of September ... well, I have 9 more swatches and 12 more questions (some questions have up to 4 parts) and a project (mittens) to knit.  Maybe by the end of the year?!?!


Anonymous said...

Is it fun?

WildflowerWool said...

I have been thinking about pulling my swatches out and getting back to finishing level 1. Good for you! Keep up the swatching ;)