Tuesday, September 2, 2014

FO: Two-Socks-In-One

Pattern: Two-Socks-In-One by Kate Atherly
Yarn: Berroco Sox
Needles: Addi Sock Rockets US 1 2.25mm

This was a very interesting pattern to knit.  One sock is inside of the other and they are both on the same needle at the same time.  Stitch 1 = sock 1; stitch 2 = sock 2; stitch 3 = sock 1; stitch 4 = sock 2, etc.  The outside sock was purled and the inside sock was knit.  The ribbing was QUITE challenging - if the yarn is not brought back and forth after each stitch, it causes quite a problem.

I also managed to knit the socks together at least 3 times ...

This is the completed toes with yarn ends darned through the last few stitches to close them up.

And completed, here they are coming apart ...

Viola!  Two socks not attached to each other!!  The color in these below photos is more representative of the actual socks.

I had some issues with the heel turn as well and had to redo that a few times before I got it right.  I do love her method of picking up a few extra stitches along the gussett to avoid holes that I linked to in this previous post about these socks.  


Anonymous said...

Interesting construction. Would you do it again?

The socks turned out cute.

elns said...

I love it! Your socks turned out fantastic, and your true sock knitting knerd self shines through. hehe. I am all excited about sock knitting, but lady, I am not touching that technique with a 10 foot pole!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Omg - just reading about that makes me dizzy!

books of ice fire said...