Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Update (with stash) 11-20-11

I finished cataloging my stash! Some things are missing, I did not include left overs or weird odd ball stuff (maybe 10 skeins), or Red Heart and Lion Brand Homespun (those maybe total another 10 skeins). I also did not include crochet thread or roving.

I came up with 514 skeins and 117,866 yds total. That's actually 282 entries ... doesn't sound so bad now does it?

Now let's see if I can maintain this list. Since I made such an effort to catalog it, I hope I keep it up and remember to edit the list as necessary.

Here are some interesting stats:

178 Fingering Weight (128 entries)
23 Light Fingering (18 entries)

Total of 201 skeins of sock yarn - In the past I would give up counting at 100 .. but I really only thought there were maybe 120 ... 130.

27 Lace (19 entries)

8 Sweater quantities

My view of my stash was seriously flawed. I thought I had enough yarn for 4 sweaters and maybe 6 lace shawls. Wow - this is an eye opener.

Currently I am trying to pay down debt. I am not seriously in debt, I can pay my bills comfortably, but credit cards ... I don't even know what I bought years ago that I am still paying for. I hope I enjoyed it! This money could be much better well spent paying down debt, rather than adding to my collection of yarn. Last time I checked credit card companies do not take skeins or hand knit socks as payment.

Last night when I went to bed I found this on top of the dresser. Mr. Bear has been around for a long time. My husband (then boyfriend) got him for me when I was in the hospital many years ago, so he is special and is in our bedroom. Willow found a nice place to nap. We have three cats, there is a blanket on the dresser to prevent scratches, it makes for a nice cat bed too.

Now I am trying to decide which roving I want to ruin practicing on my new wheel.

1. Freckle Face Fibers BFL in Jacaranda
2. knittyandcolor BFL in Topsy Turvy
3. Knit Picks Stroll Roving (Merino/Nylon)dyed by me
4. Knit Picks Stroll Roving (Merino/Nylon)dyed by me (some spun on spindle)
5. Frabjous Fibers Merino Top in Green with Envy
6. Birch Hill Spinners BFL in ... they forgot to write the colorway
7. I think another Frabjous Fibers in Stained Glass Window, not much left, practice for spindle
8. Fiber Fancy Merino in The Fair
9. Knit Picks Stroll Roving (Merino/Nylon)dyed by me

I'm thinking one of the rovings I dyed ... cuz I don't care if I make crappy yarn with it. But I have learned and experts agree, that BFL is easier for beginning spinners ... thoughts?

Check out the 2012 Surmount the Stash A-Long post and please leave your comments and opinions on the questions I posted!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the teddy brings comfort to the kitty too. LOL

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I think you should start with the BFL - easier to draft, I think. My first attempts at Spindle spinning weren't perfect but they were interesting and perfectly knittable. You'll do fine!

kathy b said...

I think you can ask Santa for more yarn...that's just a rule you can always ask Santa for more yarn!

Alyssa said...

Whooooaaaa. This seriously inspires me to surmount my own stash!

Melanie said...

Awwwwww, I love the kitty all snuggled up. I used to have a cat once that had her 'own' stuff animal that she would sleep with. Soooo cute!