Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend Update (with goodies) 11-27-11

Did you know its almost December? I just figured that out and realized that this project is one has to get done this year. I dug it out and started working on it again. It was supposed to be a Christmas present in 2007 (and the recipient is well aware of its existence, he's my husband).

I have finished 325 rows and that leaves 172 to go. It doesn't match the pattern for size or gauge because I substituted a different yarn weight and needle size. I don't know if I knew that it would work out OK when I started it, I was only knitting for a few months back then. Right now it is 41" long and once finished should be about 62" which I think is a good scarf length.

I was very naughty recently and blew about $150 on roving and accessories ($98 of that was to Blue Moon so I could use my Rockin' Sock Knitters discount for the year). Now I understand how my sock yarn stash exploded. Apparently when I learn how to do something I start hoarding supplies. I learned how to spin and all of a sudden I order 4 rovings when I have seven in my stash ...

No, I am not loaded with money, I'm stupid. I pretty much have broken even at this point because I did several hours of OT at work that amounts to what I spent.

First was a 1 yard niddy noddy. The one that I have from Knit Picks is about 40 something inches - I wanted one that was exactly a yard for my handspun so I could easily figure out the yardage (even though I have a yardage counter - I haven't actually used it yet though). theknitstore had a niddy noddy and spindle for $9.95!! My order was received super fast and both items are well constructed and finished (I can't think of a better word than finished, what I mean is that the wood is not finished with any lacquer, but there are no rough spots on anything).

Now on to the roving. This is from Chimera Fibers in the colorway Spooky. How can someone who's favorite holiday is Halloween resist?????

Then this amazingly beautiful batt that was reduced in price because it was a little roughed up from being toted around to shows. Looks fine to me! Its from KnittyAndColor and its made up of BFL,Tencel, Angelina, Firestar.

I've been spinning a lot this week. I decided to jump into one of the rovings in my stash so that I had an entire 4 oz. to work with. I am loving the color changes on this bright and funky roving.

At JoAnn's the other day I was thinking of getting a basket to store the roving that I am currently spinning. Then I was thinking to myself, really, how many baskets do you have kicking around, just use one of those. Until I saw this one and its mate. The perfect shade of purple, completely open on top so easy to access the roving and did I mention they are purple??

I've also been spinning on my trindle. I don't think I posted about it since I got it. Its a lovely spindle, very cool looking and it works wonderfully.

And lastly for crafting I got my Christmas card design down and will be using mostly stash stuff to make them! I may have to go out and get more black paper, but that's less than a dollar I think.

I love this little cat a lot, but sometimes I want to squeeze her little neck until her head pops off. She is the sweetest, cutest little thing, but she's also a monster. Let me give an example: I am not a moron, if a cat is busy I do not pick up said cat and try to snuggle. However, if a cat is doing the snuggle and love me dance around my feet, I assume said cat wants to snuggle.

If you do not want me to pick you up and give you a smooch, a simple "I don't like this meow" would suffice. 1) I do not need to be screeched at and walloped in the head for your point to get across. 2) You know from past experience I always put a wiggly, wants to get down cat down immediately, and 3) Don't do the snuggle and love me dance again 2 seconds after you whacked me in the head!!!


kathy b said...

Oh she is a true female kitty......changes her mind....

I LOVE your original CHristmas card design

Sue said...

It is no help at all.....but I completely understand your stashing....You could always call it a collection. ;) Your card is a fabulous design. As for the cat, I roared laughing at your description of what you wanted to do to her. It isn't just female cats....Lestat is just as fickle! lol

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Maybe you should get some yellow tinted glasses for shopping trips? That way all the lovely purple things will just look muddy brown and you won't be tempted. LOL!

Your spinning looks wonderful! Yay!

Alyssa said...

My mom's old cat did the same thing! I think that lady cats are the posterboard for how to be a bitch. :P